Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Re-Basing some Dark Age miniatures

I re-based some of my single based Dark Age collection. Removing them to replace with two on  the 25mm round base. I made many of these with Saga or Lion Rampant in mind when first created but I decided to re-base to help make my 'Kings of War Historical' units look a little fuller. Among these below is a couple of freshly painted Dark Age Gripping Beast warriors but it's mostly older ones.

Hacking these dudes under the feet among old sand, paint, glue and flock requires patients. Some wargamers have said that re-basing is something hobbyists should eventually do and it's been a very long time since I have done anything brutal like this.

The chain-mail wearing dudes make for a great Shield Wall look and feel when based like this and I have painted a whole stack of new ones which I will show here soon when they are completed.

For Kings of War I use custom made trays (Warbases UK) using the dimensions for those rules. Below are 'Regiments' which are based on the old 20 soldiers each on 20x20 bases in 4 ranks of 5 across.
Each tray has 3 of the new double based warriors. This takes the total up to 12 (not 20). I think a rule/guideline may exist for 50% +1 as a minimum for a unit of 20. I don't care much for that myself as I prefer what looks good or just the fact that someone has turned up happy enough to play a game. Even better if they have painted miniatures.

"We are angry and confused!"......."Are we Viking or Anglo-Saxon/Danes?" 

Cheers from Brendon

Friday, September 23, 2016

Viking bits swap plastic fantastic

These generic Dark Age Vikings in progress are rank and file to increase my marauding hordes ready for Kings of war Historical. I have been working on them for what seems an entire ice-age. Built at glacial speed months took a long time before any paint got clumsily splashed on them. I started painting them recently to break up a period of painting a lot of 28mm horses for a very cool project for a certain Canadian citizen. I don't usually like to stall or interrupt a project but it just started to feel a bit production line and I didn't want any of that to affect the painting. Anyway these rank and file sword fodder are made up of a variety of kits to get slight variations that will likely go unnoticed once in a unit.
Anyway on with the images....

'Shield Beater'.
Gripping Beast Viking Head, Saxon Arms, Body GB Dark Age Warrior,
Shield from Conquest games Normans, Slightly larger than GB shields.

'Resting Balls Stabber and Face Stabby Sword dude'
GB Saxon Bodies, Viking Heads, GB arms with hand/weapon swaps.

'Brace for impact dude'
 FireForge arms on a GB Body

 'Mash your face with Pommel and Make you duck dude'
 FireForge Bodies, GB every thing else

'Spliiting headache maker'
GB Body and Head, FireForge Mongol Arms, GB Axe

Anyway cheers for now from Brendon and hope you don't mind the fact that these photos I used the crappy setting with colour, focus and light.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DEADZONE Version 2 arrived

Got a delivery from Mantic with Deadzone version 2 rules. I have the version 1 box but never got around to playing it or painting any of it. The first page is very encouraging as it states this version is easier to learn, plays faster and has a higher body count while still being tactical. Who doesn't like a high body count?
D8, Special Dice, A4 poster, Hardback rulebook, Tokens and folded up playing surface (8x8 3 inch squares)
Skirmish 28mm wargame on a grid (cubes).

Sc-Fi future with other planets, star systems etc. You know...Aliens and pew, pew, and so on.

The setting
Human Expansion via Corporations. Corporations are commercial entities that rule vast empires of space. Above them are the Council of Seven. The Council's military authority is the Enforcer Corps. Bad ass super police soldiers. Sound like fascist ass-hats to me...or maybe they are the good guys?
Good thing about this book it doesn't say these here are bad guys and them there are good guys. Depends on your factions point of view perhaps or your opponent is always the bad guy in your own narrative.
Anyway..... turns out some Planets turn to total shit because of new bio hazards or some such mystery. These Planets get quarantined. NO ENTRY!
So Scooby Doo can't get in and solve any mysteries.
Enforcers go in to cleanse these scummy shit holes. Theses planets are called DEADZONES.
Of course some Aliens/Rebels/Dwarf miners (insert faction here) sneak in to exploit them, make money and blow shit up or just try and survive the containment protocol. Yeeeehaw!

Contents page can tell you a lot about a game
Here are some aspects of the game from a quick read of the hard back rule book.

Uses 8 sided Dice. Modifiers add dice rather than modify target number to beat. Rolls of 8 = success + another dice (Exploding 8s).

The symbol Dice are Command Dice. Players roll 3 each at the start of each round and they gain bonus actions. 6 different bonuses so a D6 can be a substitute. No need to buy 'special' dice my fellow gaming friends. Symbols/Numbers, Potato/Pertatoe.

Rounds are players taking turns to move and shoot a model at a time. I go U go each figure until all done = end of turn.

Cubes. The concept of Cubes replaces rulers as these cover weapon range and movement and also maximum capacity of cube (to hold models of varying size). Line of Sight for shooting though still applies so position in a cube behind terrain does matter.

Players small forces are called 'Strike Teams' and while the model count might be small for this game the rules recommends using lots of Terrain. Models have point values and classes (Leader, Troop, Scum etc). 100 points is the basic starter Strike Team maximum that needs 12 Victory Points to win a game.

Seven factions plus Mercs to jazz up your Strike Team.

Victory points are gained by killing, getting items, objective control etc depending on the Mission of which the book has four.

But Brendon, I want good old fashioned XP! Quit your whining fool. If campaigns and going up ranks and, Experience Points is your thing then the rule book has these for you if you really, really need them.

Note to graphics.......I dislike grey behind text in these types of boxes. Just makes it harder to read.
My example 100 point Strike Teams.

The Plague (Zombie Horde)
Leader: 1 x Stage 3A "General" 16 pts + Pistol (Free)
3 x Stage 3D "Hellhound" 6 pts each
11 x Stage 3Z "Zombie" 6 pts each

The Plague (Mutants of the Cursed Earth)
Leader: 1 x Stage 3A "General" 16 pts + Pistol (Free)
2 x Stage 3D "Hellhound" 6 pts each
3 x Stage 3A (Mutant scum) 10 pts each + Pistols (Free)
1 x Plague Strider with Assault Flamer 6 pts and Chainsaw 5 pts

Enforcers (Mega City One Judges)
Leader: Enforcer Sergeant 28 pts, AP Ammo 4 Pts
3 x Enforcers 16 pts each
1 x Enforcer Medic

I wouldn't eat that if I were you! I said DON'T EAT IT!
Overall it's a great full color hardbound set of rules that has undergone a lot of improvements from the first version no doubt making it an even better game to play.

Cheers from Brendon