Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2 more cavalry trays

To celebrate getting very near to finishing a project I created 2 more cavalry unit trays for my Kings of War mounted regiments. No idea why I don't do this after the actual completion of the project but sometimes it best to have a small break I think so things don't get over thought. Stepping away from the project for a day or more may give me fresh eyes to see what I missed in the final stages.

Anyway these are made from a Renedra green plastic pack. It requires some slicing and gluing to make these size trays for 125 x 100 (a little bigger with the lip).

 Traditionally at this size the units would have had 10 Knights but I am not always traditional. Kings of War has no such 'must have' 10 figures per Regiment rule although, the unit size represents that. I like to think of a units foot print as it's area of immediate violent influence. So perhaps less miniatures per unit means they are better at what they do maybe (dice usually disagrees).  Using some base area as blank fill means that I can stretch my collection (and money and time) further.

My aim is to complete some more Norman cavalry in the near future. My goal is to have enough for 6 Regiments. I think I currently have enough for 3 so halfway there.

Cheers from the Brendonius

Monday, October 24, 2016

Plastic into Points. Wars of the Roses. KoW Historical.

Kings of War Historical has an English theme list which can be used for creating Wars of the Roses forces.
I am a big fan of the detailed Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses plastics and my collection continues to grow.
Similar to my last post I was thinking about the kits and what they can yield in an army build.
The following is an analysis of what each kit could be used for bearing in mind that I don't use the maximum amount of miniatures per unit.

Starting at an easy conversion...CAVALRY

Two excellent kits that have 12 in each are available. The Light Cavalry kit has the option to make mounted bowmen and Crossbowmen. If using the MASTER LIST instead of the ENGLISH theme you might find a slot for them. 6 per base is the Minimum required for a total unit size of 125x100. Unfortunately no such slot for mounted Bowmen or Crossbows.

Next is....BOWS and BILLS

The next box is WotR Infantry, 1450-1500, Bows and Bills. 40 figures... can build up to 30 bowmen or a max of 18 billmen (includes 4 command). That what it states on the webshop.
Below is two options. No exact Billmen entry (or is it Billemen spelt incorrectly below) exists in the KoW unit choices but Warriors fits fine. They even have an option to lower Defence for two handed weapons.

How about some European Mercenaries... Crossbows, Pikes, Hand Cannon

These are tagged as Irregulars* in the English theme. The * symbol indicates that. It means that they must each be unlocked for inclusion by a regular Regiment or Horde and do not unlock any other units.
The kit WR20 'Mercenaries' European Infantry 1450-1500 (40 figures), 12 handgunners, 12 crossbowmen (with Pavises), up to 18 Pikemen. Nice diversity in this box with 4 able to be command dudes as well.
I came up with two options below. The Pikemen Horde in Option B would have to have the 4 command dudes without Pikes by the looks. Maybe they can stand at the back and shout orders like good brave leaders.
The Foulkon option is a rule for using the Pavises. Bloody great shields to stand or kneel behind when re-loading a crossbow.

Last but not least....FOOT KNIGHTS

Heavy Warriors is perhaps the most suitable entry for those fully armoured dudes with serious coin backing them. This fantastic box gets you 38 figures of Heavy Metal dudes (made of plastic).

End bit.
By not using all the figures in each option having some left overs is perfect for filling Individual options. A Musician Hero would be a very useful addition (50 points) as would be an Army Standard (also 50 points) which is not only useful but looks cool as well. Of course additional Mounted individuals may give you cause to look at the Metal figures in the Perry (a General might be good). While there check out a Cannon or two which is a War Engine choice for the English theme.
One more thing...if you want to use this Army for getting all bloody against Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and so on in the Fantasy realms. Just get a ruddy great Mantic Dragon. Perhaps get a wizard or two as well know...spells and stuff.

Cheers from Brendon

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The cost of War (gaming) a Norman army

This is just a thinking out loud post on what it would cost me (as at writing this) to build a Norman army for Kings of War Historical.
Conquest Games Normans from my collection.

I actually have a Norman collection started when I got into Saga and it has been slowly expanding. The aim is to have enough for a Kings of War Historical army. I constructed the following list aiming for a max of 2,000 points. I didn't reach that total but Veteran Ability upgrades makes filling up remaining points very easy.

I have included in colour the amount of Miniatures I would require. In KoW the total unit footprint does not require wall to wall miniatures or removal of individual figures as a way of wound tracking. However tournament requirements and increasing community expectation is that the minimum amount required is 50% plus 1. With that in mind and my preference for Plastic I went and had a look at the Conquest Games website. They make excellent Normans in my opinion.

Looking at the quantities in each box and what is required for this army the following is required....
- Mounted Knights x 3 (15 in each box)
- Norman Infantry x 1 (44)
- Medieval Archers x 1 (28)

A long time ago I had these unit trays made but they only have 14 figures on a Horde. Don't hate me. :)

Conquest Games do a Five box special for 90 British pounds and that's a pick and mix special. Plus postage to my location 25 pounds.
Total cost 115 B-Pounds which is as at today around 184 Australian Dollars. Add a conversion fee of a few more dollars and that makes the army just under $200 Aussie dollars.

Those of you good at the Math would have figured out that 3 Knight kits actually yields 45 mounted Normans. That's great as the Regiments could perhaps be boosted in number perhaps making one of them 10 figures strong which would actually help make them stand out as a Veteran lords guard type unit with an extra ability. Perhaps another General/Hero/Army Banner or Musician.

Additional costs may include suitable unit bases. Perhaps those Mantic plastic ones would do the trick. Then of course glue, beer, flock, paint, coffee, a paint brush or two, beer, a can of primer and some beer to celebrate a year (hopefully less) from now when it's completed.

Cheers for now from Brendon

Monday, October 17, 2016

Some Dark Age Dudes

Converted Griping Beast with bows to make them Archers and two Conquest games dudes with big axes to bolster the ranks. 100% plastic. Except the sand on bases and the flock.

Not the greatest photos. Will try harder next time.
Cheers all. Brendon